What should I eat? Custom Therapeutic Diets

Custom Therapeutic Diets | Fresh vegetablesCustom Therapeutic Diets incorporate proven dietary strategies for up to 300 acute and chronic medical conditions, to create a clear and personalised list of foods for the patient. These custom diets can factor in proven, cited, and referenced therapeutic dietary protocols for hundreds of medical conditions.

Protein, carbohydrate, fat, macronutrient, and micronutrient ratios can be tailored to the patient’s needs. These nutrient intake levels can be combined with nutritional strategies for blood type, Ayurvedic type, metabolic type, body type, or TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) types. Diets can also take into account organs and systems where the patient needs support. Multiple conditions can be treated without cross-interference, so one condition can be safely treated without worsening another.

Therapeutic diets incorporate proven nutritional strategies that treat both causes and symptoms.

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